Images of Liberation: Comics, Cartoons and Graphics

Because of my work as Director of the Doris Day Animal Foundation’s Comics for Compassion program, I was asked to give a presentation at the 2005 Grassroots Animal Rights conference in New York City on the use of art to communicate animal liberation messages. Although the title of the lecture  was given to me by the conference organizers, I was allowed to determine its specific contents. For the purposes of my PowerPoint presentation, which I gave on April 3, 2005, I decided to define “comics” as comic books, “cartoons” as comic strips, and “graphics” as art originally intended to be hung on a wall rather than printed in a book. I also chose to address the three art forms in the opposite order they are listed in the presentation title.

The links below are to PDFs of an illustrated article version of my presentation. Because of my Web site server’s uploading limitations, I had to replace the original high resolution images with low resolution versions and divide the article into three sections.

Images of Liberation Part 1: Graphic art

Images of Liberation Part 2: Comic strips

Images of Liberation Part 3: Comic books

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